Aug 04, 2010 · Is it correct putting "since" at the beginning of the sentence?? This is my example: Since 1983 he has developed his field work in Africa about aspects related to health issues. If you find any mistake, specially in grammar, just let me know, please. Thank you very much. Note that since is the adverb of the verb "to make", but in the sentence "I made a cake from meat and have been feeling ill since I made the cake from meat" there are a lot of unnecessary duplicate words. This can be shortened to "ever since", "ever since then", "since then", "since that time".

Learn term:como = since at the beginning of a sentence with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 285 different sets of term:como = since at the beginning of a sentence flashcards on Quizlet. Feb 06, 2012 · I know that synonyms "as, since" can be normally used at the beginning of sentence; however, I am not sure about "because". And when I asked one of the teacher tangenial remark: that I honestly don't consider too proficient in english she told me not to use it at the beginning of sentence. We have several words showing causation: as, because, since, for. Be careful in your use of as to show a causal connection, however, because your readers might think as imparts its more usual meaning “while.” Henry Fowler endorses the use of as clauses when placed at the beginning of sentences. We often see this use in British English.

Since I first learned English, I have been holding this understanding that "and", as a conj. but unlike "but", can only connect two clauses, not two sentences ended with periods. But recently, I have seen so many prints, either in entertainment or in academia, where "And" is popularly used in the beginning of a sentence. As is the case with other subordinating conjunctions, like 'since', 'if', 'when', etc., the dependent clause can come first in the sentence as long as it is set off from the independent clause by. Oct 10, 2008 · “As” at the Beginning of a Sentence In the phrase “as citizens of China,” the word “as” is a preposition that means “in the role of” or “in the capacity of” 1, but the whole phrase acts as an adjective to modify what comes next, in this case “we” 2. Apr 10, 2019 · To replace a cliche, you need to think about what that phrase really means or why you are using it in the sentence in the first place. Without the full sentence, it is hard to guess because a lot of times these sorts of phrases are sort of "clearing your throat" types of sentences. However, here are some starting phrases that might work better: 1. Like any stylistic device, beginning a sentence with and or but may be overused or used incorrectly. A common fault with but is to use it where and is required. But is an “adversative conjunction.” It introduces a contrast. Some writers tend to begin a sentence with but when and is the appropriate choice.

18 Responses to “Punctuating “So” at the Beginning of a Sentence” Johnny04 on November 18, 2015 10:40 am. I’m guilty of using “so” to begin a sentence. I use it so much that it annoys me. I’m trying to cut down, but I don’t know how. It would be helpful if you could show how you would rewrite the given examples without so.

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